Monday, March 31, 2008

Another weekend bites the dust.

So its now monday and i got home from work about one hour ago. And got some pleh on!

Played a few games of CoD 4 online with my brother and finally figured out how you get to that lame spot we have been wondering about.

Bought the new gran turisimo game and heavenly sword the other day as well. haven´t really played much of those games yet but from what i have heard HS i supposed to be rather short (6-7h) but i got i rather cheap.

now its 30 days until we can make the city of liberty ours once more! GTA IV 4 life!! ;)

Friday, March 28, 2008

What to pleh on the ps3?

My brother came by and ranted on my ps3 as expected and he brought the ps1 game Diablo. we played untill 02.00 am (I went to sleep and he continued to about 04.00 am)

Seems pretty wierd though that we played ps1 games instead of ps3 games ;S guess they're more fun.

Traded in a couple of ps2 games at my "local" GAME store. Got GT5:prolouge and heavenly sword and 1000kr gift card (166$) I think I will use it for GTA IV and/or Battlefield: Bad Company.

CagCast 113

Yay now cagcast nr 113 is out! be sure to download it!

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Nostalgia Heroes

A game recently showed up on Xbox Live Arcade, Assault Heroes, and I must say it's the best release for quite some time..
I know there are alot of games like it out there already, but this one feels original and besides the fact that the game itself is alot of fun, it brings back fond memories of yesteryear, when me and my brother played Super SWIV (or Firepower 2000 outside of EU) for hours on end. For 400 Points, this game's a no-brainer!
Thank you Assault Heroes. <3

re5 not impressed

I think this game just looks like a hi def re4 with a he-man lookalike aka Chris redfield. Seems pretty low tech when there is no blood stains after shooting a "zombie" wearing a white shirt.
They should make Chris a little less buff for starters. maybe the blood thing is because the footage is rather early. Lets hope so for the love of T-virus.

Enjoy the silence.

I bought a ps3 today with the games "uncharted drakes fortune" and some crap ass need for speed game (going to trade it in) HDMI and optic cable for surround sound. Now the first thing i notice about my new system is that is so quiet compared to the xbox 360.
but the sound of the 360 is a force not to be taken lightly.
A thing that i don´t like is the weight of the controller. its like i am holding thin air. that must be cuz of the removal of the rumble feature that i did not notice was gone now when i think about it.

Man now i just cant wait for some games to come out for it.

My co-worker asked me what console i will buy multi-platform games to, the 360 or the ps3. well like CheapyD already stated, if there is online content i will get it for the 360 otherwise i dont know. love those achievements a little bit to much.

I will probably watch movies and play exelusive games on the ps3 (mgs4 ffXIII)

But who knows maybee sony gets their shit together.

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Dont cheat on XBL! (girlfriend still ok)

as you can see they can remove all your gamescore and achievements if you are tampering with the games. here is a pic.

what to do?

Oh jebus, another working day is finished and i got some food cooking on the stove.

long time since i was this tired.

Talked to some of my co workers today about what game to play until GTA IV comes out and they all had bad ideas. so now i am asking you, the readers (and i know this is being read by a few) what to pleh. just comment this post whit whatever game i should pick up and finish before GTA, just check my gamertag and see what games i have yet not completed.

Going to play some CoD 4 online tonight with a couple of pal and my brother, should be a great pleh. // Asty.

Sunday, March 23, 2008

Cat or dog, who is the best wii player?

As i know many of you might wonder if youre cat and dog would play wii tennis against each other who will win? the answer is here!

Masterd the effect.

So today, just now, i finished mass effect. I feel rather proud of myself, also love to se when 150 gamerscore pops up!

whats the next game up for completion... maybee vegas 2, seems pretty short tough.

as you can se in the pic i have a rather big collection of 360 games.

the effects of the mass effect

i haveto say the game is great! i started the game back when it was realesed and got stucked. then about two weeksago i started a new char, yuffbox. A woman this time beacuse ive heard that you should use the two alien girls for best results :)

its awesome with 3 wimen that fly around in space raising havoc on alien worlds.

I think i am pretty near the end of the game.

Saturday, March 22, 2008

Finished Army of two today!

so got some sweet achievements. so now i will never put this lousy game in my xbox. (niether of them since i got two..)

uber LOL is that what it takes? robets ey!

Friday, March 21, 2008

Codes for extra map and extra gun on vegas 2!

here's what the tag says for best buy gun (TAR21)
(Hold RB)
Down, Down, Up, Up, X, B, X, B, Y, Up, Up, Y

and for the comcast gift map just typ in "comcast faster" and the map will unlock, no hardrive space needed.


Thursday, March 20, 2008

Free map for rainbow six: vegas 2!

Yupp i said free. you just have to create a account on and log in from your xbox 360. i dont know if this also works on the ps3 but since i dont have a ps3 i dont care. :) just got home from work and i am going to pleh some vegas 2. Have a Happy easter!

First impressions.

So picked up vegas yesturday and played it for about 2 hours when i got home.

so far i have finished one mission, one terrorist hunt and one multiplayer game (that i won). and i am looking forward to playing some more of this. i like how you can customize you character almost anyway you want.

the only thing i can say from now that i think is bad must be the sound effects.. But hey ive only played it 10pm to 00pm so a could not crank up the volume but this weeden that will change.

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Las vegas baby!

So r6 lv 2 is realesed today and i am going to pick it up on my lunch break at work. and that is just going to make a already long day seem longer.

But hey so save the sin sity, i will do anything :)

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Home away from home in your home.

A rumor is floating around the internet about home being released in july. Could this be what the ps3 needs to catch up? I know that I will be buying one when mgs4 comes out. How about you?

Yes i am a nerd.

When i was waiting for the laundury to get ready i tought i could make a Bowser out of pearl beads (is that the english name for it? i dont know)

So i sat down and made it. i have to say that i am very pleased with my work and i have many more that i have decorated my home with. pretty cool imho.

Monday, March 17, 2008

Finished the Darkness!

I finished the Darkness yesterday and I have to say that it is one of the better games on the 360. There should be more games with "possessed mafia guys with deamon arms and snake heads sticking out of their backs". I like it how you can send out the snake things and they can go everywere, like roofs and walls etc. and then devour the hearts of your enemies (who are other mob guys and the police). not for those who is not in to ulra-violent games though.

I recomend this game to anyone who is into FPS and is over 15 years. A funny bonus is that alot of the graffiti is in swedish.

Sunday, March 16, 2008

Nerd Humor..

I laughed my ass of when I came by this pic!
If you don't get it, shame on you.

3 Days To Vegas

I dont know about you but i thought the first game kicked arse! and now they have added sprinting. Release in sweden: march 19th

Half-Life 2 set in sweden?

Pretty sure that all of you have played haf life 2 now when the orange box is out.
I cant say that I hate it. Although I thought Portal was good, it wasn't as great as everyone claims it would be.
Have you seen these gas pumps? The text is in swedish. A joke of some sort or is hl2 set in sweden? Maybe up north were the population is like 10 people.
I don't know.

Saturday, March 15, 2008

Army of Two (better of alone..)

Me and my brother picked up Army of Two the other day and we were pretty exited about a "co-op only" game.
But after about 20 minutes we realized why it had gotten such bad reviews. The controls are stiff and the enemy AI is too cowardly! Although there are some good things to the game, such as the weapon upgrading and 'cover-system' (compared to GoW), it is not enough to make up for its shortcomings.
Hmm might just finish it for the nerd points. ahh sweet sweet nerd points..!