Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Enjoy the silence.

I bought a ps3 today with the games "uncharted drakes fortune" and some crap ass need for speed game (going to trade it in) HDMI and optic cable for surround sound. Now the first thing i notice about my new system is that is so quiet compared to the xbox 360.
but the sound of the 360 is a force not to be taken lightly.
A thing that i don´t like is the weight of the controller. its like i am holding thin air. that must be cuz of the removal of the rumble feature that i did not notice was gone now when i think about it.

Man now i just cant wait for some games to come out for it.

My co-worker asked me what console i will buy multi-platform games to, the 360 or the ps3. well like CheapyD already stated, if there is online content i will get it for the 360 otherwise i dont know. love those achievements a little bit to much.

I will probably watch movies and play exelusive games on the ps3 (mgs4 ffXIII)

But who knows maybee sony gets their shit together.

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