Tuesday, July 15, 2008

ZOMG! E3 starts with a bang!

no-one would have guessed that FFXIII would come to the 360! i did not even think it was going to be showed at this E3 but at TGS.

What else can i say.. Another big realese lost to microsoft, first assassins creed then resident evil 5 then GTA IV and now FFXIII.. I am no fanboy for sony but i would like to have some use for my ps3, and MGS 4 and FF XIII was the games that made me go out and buy it.

But hey little big planet and killzone 2 looks awesome.
And dont forget Pixel junk eden, thats a console seller right there!

but since Final fantasy versus XIII is a exlusive as of now i might get the FF games for the ps3 anyway, if there´s no uber installs (thinking of you MGS 4!!)

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